Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Meet some of my favorite visitors!

I LOVE to sit in my front yard!  If the sun is out, I make sure to sit in the sun so my fur gets nice and warm.  If I get too hot, I'm so lucky that there is a tree where I can lay in the shade.  Of course, I've also dug up the grass so I can lay in the dirt which is amazing - I LOVE dirt!

When I'm out front, I have visitors - dogs and people.  Barney the Dog and his Dad are some of my most favorite visitors:

That's me and Barney saying hello to each other.  I've known Barney since he was a puppy.  He's still small but now he's all grown up!

Barney's Dad always gives me treats, too:

Does it get any better than this?  I'm the luckiest dog ever - I get treats just for sitting out in front of my house!

One time my Mom and I walked by Barney's house.  Barney almost jumped out of the window when he saw me in front of his house because he was so excited.  Now that's what I call a real friend!

Like I always say, friends come in all shapes, sizes and colors!  As long as my friends stop by to say hello, I'll be sitting outside waiting for them - especially if they bring along a treat!  Make sure to get out and see your friends today - maybe you'll get a treat, too!