Sunday, July 24, 2016

Meet my new cousin: Sparty, the Puppy!

Well, here is some very exciting news - Sparty the Puppy came to live with me at my house.  That's right - he came for my morning walk, he ate at my house, he sat with me out front and in the backyard, and he slept over.  Check us out:

As you can see, Sparty the Puppy is no ordinary puppy - he's as BIG as me!  He thought he was going to play with me all day - I set him straight right away!  Sitting out front is part of my job - I need to pay attention ALL the time.  Plus, people come to visit and give me treats, and I can't miss out on that.  The good part was that Sparty was a good student - I showed him how to sit out front, and he did it just right.

The first night he slept over, he jumped over his fence from the mudroom and ran straight into my Mom's room.  Guess what?  I was sleeping in my Mom's room already so Sparty and I jumped all over my Mom while she was in bed.  We licked her face and made her bring us for our walk bright and early.

Oh, Sparty thought he was going to jump on me while we walked.  I set him straight on that right away, too.  My morning walk is serious business.  I need to watch for bunnies!  I can't have a puppy trying to play with me while I'm walking!

Like I always say, when you're the older dog, you need to teach the younger dogs or puppies how to behave.  I want to be a good dog.  I LOVE when my family says that I'm good.  That means that I need to set a good example.  I made sure to help Sparty so he could learn to be a good dog - just like me!  Make sure you're good today, too!