Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dirt is the BEST!

Have you ever had to wear a fur coat when it's hot out?  Believe me, it makes you even HOTTER!  When it gets hot, I dig a nice hole on my front lawn.  Then I roll around in the dirt, and that cools me off.  My Mom thought I looked like my fur was turning brown, but guess what?  It was DIRT!  Then I needed to get cleaned off, and my brother, Andrew, decided to clean me like this:

Don't worry - my brother wasn't hurting me, he was gently sweeping all the dirt off my fur.  I LOVED IT!  If you've never been swept before, you should try it out - it's very relaxing - it's like getting a massage.

 Like I always say, if you're going to get dirty, you're going to need to get cleaned off.  Don't worry - I make the place dirty enough on a regular day.  I'm always tracking in dirt.  Plus, my fur sheds all over the house!  All the dirt that doesn't come off, has to go somewhere!

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