Monday, February 2, 2015

When the Patriots win, I win too!

My Dad LOVES the Patriots.  That's why I have to wear that shirt that says "Patriots" on it - just in case you were wondering why I would wear clothes.  I have NO choice; when the Patriots are on TV, I'm wearing my shirt.  When my Dad is quiet (which means the Patriots aren't doing well), I take advantage and lay down.  When my Dad is yelling and jumping, I sit up and take notice:

I even wore my jingle bell collar for extra excitement!  The best part is when my Dad is watching the TV, he likes to eat which means EXTRA treats for me.  Even more important, the Patriots won so my Dad is in AN EXCELLENT mood which usually means that he's happy and might share more treats with me.

Like I always say, spend time with your family because you get to have company, and you usually get treats, too.  I'm always happiest and luckiest when I get to spend time with my family!

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