Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How I Wear Snow!

Today it is snowing A LOT.  My Mom and I went for a short walk, and then I had to watch her shovel.  Later my Dad came out, too.  While they're hard at work, I take my place on the front steps:

There's so much snow that I am turning white!  It's a good thing that I wear a warm fur coat to protect me from this snow.

I also explore:

Either way the snow manages to find me and turn me white.

Like I always say, be prepared for anything!  Make sure to have a warm coat like me.  My Mom told me that her students sometimes come to school on freezing cold days without a coat.  Take some advice from Gabi the Dog - YOU'LL BE MUCH WARMER AND COMFORTABLE IF YOU WEAR YOUR COAT.  Of course, I have my coat on all the time.  I sure am a lucky dog to stay warm even when it snows!

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