Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Visit to the Veterinarian!

When my Mom says, "Come along!", I am ready to go out the door.  I LOVE getting to go on an adventure.  This time we went to the vet.  When I first got there, I met a new friend, Charlie the Dog.  Then I got put on the scale.  After that I had to wait in this room:

I get very nervous when I have to wait for the doctor.  I look at the door so my Mom can tell that I'm ready to go.  I also put my tail between my legs to show that I REALLY want to go.  Of course, I didn't get to go until I saw the vet who was very nice to me:

Wow, going to the vet was fun - I got LOTS of attention!  I even got four shots, and they didn't even hurt!

On the way out, there was a cage on the floor.  I looked in, and it was a cat.  I pulled on my leash so hard because I really did need to go - I'm afraid of cats, and I don't want to get hurt!

Like I always say, it's important to take good care of yourself, and that means you have to go to the doctor.  The best part - doctors are really caring and nice.  They want you to enjoy getting your check-up.  Now I just have to learn to not be so nervous. 

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