Monday, January 19, 2015

BEST Weekend Ever!

I just had the MOST amazing weekend.  Here's what happened:

My cousin, Lulu, the Dog, came to visit:

Lulu is a full-grown dog now.  I kind of feel bad for Lulu because she has to wear clothes to keep warm, and as you know, I don't think real dogs should have to wear clothes.  Also, my aunt won't let Lulu have any treats which actually works out better for me because then I get ALL the treats.  You do have to admit that Lulu, the Dog, is cute, and we get along well so she has that in her corner.

 I finally got to go to the Dog Park!  Here I am running around with Rocky, the Puppy:

I can still run with the best of them!

I also got to play with Buka (he's the black dog with the red collar); Moe, the Dog, who's running; and that's Rocky, the Puppy, who's jumping on my head.   Let's just say that you can tell he's still a pup:

You can tell that my friends are very excited and happy to see me!

Later, a GIANT dog came to the park:

LOOK AT HOW BIG THAT DOG IS!  His name is Maverick, the Great Dane!  His owner says he weighs 150 pounds - that sounds like A LOT!  

One of my favorite activities of all time is to roll around in poop at the Dog Park.  Unfortunately, my Mom doesn't agree with my choice so we had to leave.  She says I'm "disgusting."  Well, she shouldn't judge me until she tries it out herself!
Last, but not least, I got stuffed back into that shirt again:

Really?!?  Why doesn't my family get the message?

Like I always say, weekends are the best when you get to have fun and spend time with your family and friends.  I LOVE the weekend!  Of course, I make sure to enjoy every day because I know how lucky I am.  Make sure to appreciate how lucky you are, too!

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