Saturday, December 13, 2014

My brother, Andrew, should share his food!

My brother, Andrew, went away.  He told someone that he missed me THE MOST of anyone in the family when he was away.  Well, you wouldn't know he missed me from looking at these pictures:

Look at how nicely I'm asking him to share just a tidbit of that ENORMOUS pile of food.  Then notice how ANGRY he looks:

Look at this HUGE PILE OF FOOD!  How can he eat all of that himself?  What about me?  I WANT TO HELP HIM OUT BY EATING SOME OF THAT FOOD!  After all, he could get sick from eating TOO  MUCH FOOD  at one time.

Like I always say, try to share your delicious food with your dog.  Your dog will love you even more.  Plus, you'll eat less, and nothing is wrong with that.  YUM - I LOVE TO EAT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD!

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