Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Holidays From Your FavoriteBlogging Dog!

Hello!  Since it's holiday time, I want to show you the best gift I ever got in my whole life - my family!

This is a picture of me on the first day in my new house with my new family. Those girls are my cousins, Jane and Lauren.

How lucky am I?  I am the luckiest dog in the whole world!  I've lived with my family for almost six years now, and I love having a forever family - it's so much better than living in a crate at the animal hospital.

Here's an old picture of me at the holidays.  Sometimes my Mom puts this jingle bell collar around my neck (it's so annoying, but at least it makes her happy).

Happy Holidays!  Make sure to tell your family how lucky you are to have them!

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