Saturday, November 16, 2013

Where in the world has Gabi, the dog, been?

I have been so busy lately that I haven't been able to write in my blog.  I have missed all my friends who have been waiting for me to write.  Well, I'm back, and I must say that it's about time, too.

Here's a picture of me taken today by my Dad:

I must admit - I can sit so tall and straight.  Actually, you should sit tall and straight like me.  It's much better for your back. 

Any way, let's get back to my exciting life.

My Mom has this thing that wakes her up every morning.  It actually wakes me up, too, because I have excellent hearing, and the noise is so loud.  After she gets up, we go for a walk - IN THE DARK - which I don't mind at all since I have excellent night vision.  Well, we were walking down this street, and I could see this person, a dog, and this moving light.  I was getting scared and nervous because the person seemed nervous.  The person and the dog were trying to hide in a yard.  When we got close to them, my Mom said:  "Hi, Edie.  It's just me and Gabi."  So far, so good.

Then this person told my Mom, "I thought it was a coyote."

She thought that I was a coyote.  Is that a compliment or an insult?  Here's a picture of a coyote to help you decide:

Like I always say, be careful when you're outside walking in the dark.  Look where you're going and make sure the street is well lit so you can see who's coming.  Make sure to bring along your dog so the dog can protect you.  I would never let anyone hurt my Mom.  Also, be careful what you say, especially if you think it might hurt someone's feelings.  Be glad that no one will ever think that you're a coyote.  I'm just a proud dog who loves my family and the people who read my blog.  I'll be back soon with more news to make up for last week.  See you soon!


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