Sunday, January 29, 2017

Introducing an Exciting Guest Blogger ~ Dunkin the Dog!

Well, it's about time!  My Mom has been totally lazy when it comes to my blog, but amazingly, she managed to find a Guest Blogger ~ Introducing Dunkin the Dog!

Hi!  I'm Dunkin.  My life has not been going that well lately.  My sister, Molly the Puppy, has been yapping away so I can't have my daily nap.  That means I am extra grumpy!  Even when it's bedtime, I can her her whimpering.  Anyway, my house is big - it has 3 bathrooms which means 3 place to drink toilet water.  

Here are the people in my family.  I have A LOT of brothers - Owen, Cole, Jack, and Kyle; my Mom and Dad; and Molly the Puppy.  I've been with my family for 2 years, and I love them very much.  I'm one of the only dogs on my street so it's pretty lonely.  My favorite thing is when I get real food - not those brown pellets that me me want to spit them out.  When I get ice cream and get one all to myself, I LOVE IT!

Thanks Gabi the Dog for letting me on your blog.  

Dunkin the Dog ~ out!

I can't believe that Dunkin the Dog gets HIS VERY OWN ICE CREAM CONE!  I'm going to show this picture to my Dad so he can get me one of these!

Like I always say, having friends who want to write on my blog is the BEST.  If you want to be a guest dog, please let my Mom know.  I LOVE reading about how other dogs live ~ especially when they get their own ice cream cone!  WOW!