Sunday, November 23, 2014

More excitement right outside my door!

I just LOVE when I get to go for a walk.  I especially LOVE when there's a delicious treat right outside my door:

YUM!  The first snow tastes the best.  It's a good thing that I have such a big tongue so I can scoop up this delicious snow.  Can you see my tongue in the picture?  After I scoop up the snow, I have to lick my chops a - dogs don't use napkins, after all.

Like I always say, get outside every day and check out what's new in the world right outside your door.  I'm always finding something exciting.  Even a little snow is a BIG treat - especially when you eat it.  Only dogs should eat snow though - NOT YOU!  Leave all the snow for the dogs in your neighborhood - they'll enjoy it more than you will.  Just tell them, Gabi, the Dog, told you this information; after all, I give the BEST advice - for a dog, that is.

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