Sunday, September 7, 2014

Learning to wait is very IMPORTANT!

You know that I am one very lucky dog.  I also like to be a very good dog because then my Mom takes for rides in the car.  When it's hot out, my Mom even opens the window for me so that I can stick my head out, and she puts the air conditioning on for her.  Now I have a very kind Mom.  When I go places, I end up having to wait in the car.  Don't worry - my Mom or another person in my family always stays with me so that I don't get too hot.  No one should leave their dog in a car on a hot day.  This is another example of how lucky I am.

Any way, here I am waiting again:

This is an important lesson that I've learned from all my waiting:  wait quietly and just check out what's happening outside.  I NEVER complain because then my Mom might get mad at me.  Plus, I might not get to stick my head out the window on car rides which is one of my very favorite things to do.

Like I always say, if you have to wait, it's ok.  Just wait quietly and find something to look at.  In the picture, you can see that I'm just enjoying the view.  You never know who might be walking by.

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