Saturday, April 20, 2013

Welcome to Gabi's New Dog Blog!

My tail is wagging furiously.  I am so excited that you are reading my Dog Blog.  My name is Gabi, and I'm a proud and loyal dog who lives in Wakefield, MA. 
Originally, I was a rescue dog who was taken away from my original family by the Dog Officer.  The Dog Officer forgot to ask what my name or birthday were.  After that, I lived at the VCA Animal Hospital in Wakefield where I lived in a crate most of the time.   On the weekends, kind employees would take me to live at their homes.

The dog officer thought that my original owner called me "Gabe."  Consequently, one of the technicians decided to name me Gabriela - a most beautiful name, I must admit.  My new family shortened my name to Gabi and decided my birthday should be October 31st since I'm a big, black dog.  On my next birthday, I'll be six dog years old.

My favorite activities include eating, laying in the sun in front of my house, walking, and jumping up and down when the bunny appears at the back sliding door.  I also love to jump on people - more about that later.

It's time for me to go to the park.

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  1. Cute dog! I've got a couple questions for you. Can you email me when you get a chance?