Sunday, May 22, 2016

Introducing A Guest Blogger: Gronk the Cat!

I have been quite busy - or rather, my Mom has been quite busy.  The good news is that she's managed to recruit a guest blogger, and he's a cat.  Here he is - Gronk the Cat:

Hi!  I"m Gronk the Cat.  I'm a teacup cat.  The first dog I met was my cousin, Cinnamon the Dog.  I scratched her in the nose by accident.

Once I got out and took a little nap under my Mom's car.

At my first haircut, I was pretty nervous.  When I got there, this guy cut my furballs out so I hissed at him.  Then my Mom and my brother, Devin, took me home.

I sleep under my brother's blanket.  It is comfortable.

I even caught a mouse.  My Mom screamed, and everyone ran down the stairs.  My family asked my Mom what was wrong,  She said, "There's a mouse."  I started  to sniff the mouse and started to play with it.  Then my Dad got some cups and scraped it up.  He put the mouse outside.  I sure was a hero that day!

Wow!  Gronk the Cat sure is exciting.  I've never caught a mouse, but I would like to!  

Special thanks to my Mom's student, Devin, for helping Gronk the Cat to guest blog.  I'm impressed!

Like I always say, cats are alright in my book - as long as they don't hurt me!  Thanks Gronk the Cat!  You can guest blog any time!


  1. It was nice to add Gronk to your awesome blog. Gronk's brother Devin wanted to name him after Gronkowski, I believe he wanted to shorten the name to Gronk. I like the name and Devin and his brother Tyler both play lacrosse together but Devin and I are in the U-11s and Tyler is in the U-13s. I don't know what position Tyler plays, but I know what position Devin plays. Devin plays middy and defense, I play middy and attack. The D in defense stands for Devin and the A in attack stands for Andrew and the M in middy stands for mastery. Once I got two goals, I got two assists from my center Evan and I shot them and they went in. We played Belmont that game. Mrs. Krevat, you are the best blogger. I read your blog almost every weekend. I enjoy it the most and my stuffed animals sit with me when I read it.

  2. Bow-wow Gabby! It sure was nice meeting you the other day.....even though you were barking at me! Well, I guess you were just doing your job protecting your family.
    PS. You are even prettier in person!