Sunday, September 20, 2015

Skunk Time!

The other night, my brother, Andrew, invited me to hang out with his friends on the trampoline.  How amazing is that!  I was having a fine time when I spotted a furry friend across the yard.  Now I have amazing eyesight, even at night, so I see EVERYTHING!  I decided that I would charge over to say hello.

OOPS! new friend definitely did NOT appreciate me charging over and sprayed me with perfume.  Now I LOVE to smell "bad" - at least my family thinks that it's "bad" - to me, I prefer to smell "bad."  It beats smelling all clean like I do when I go to Janet, the Groomer.

When I got back to the trampoline, everyone said that I was SMELLY, REALLY SMELLY.   I smelled so bad that Andrew woke up my Mom to tell her.  Well, my Mom was no help - she told Andrew to give me a bath with the freezing cold hose outside.  It was AWFUL.  Then my Mom said I could only stay in the TV room.  Then to make matters even worse, my Mom took me to get a second bath from Janet the Groomer:

As soon as I got home from Janet the Groomer, I went to lay down in the dirt.  TWO BATHS IN LESS THAN ONE DAY = AWFUL!   Talk about a day going from bad to worse!

Like I always say, take it easy when you're meeting a new friend.  Give the friend some personal space - otherwise you might smell "bad" like me and need 2 baths.  I hope this never happens again!  It was AWFUL!

p.s. I have made sure to spend A LOT of time in the dirt.  Who wants to be clean and smell good at the same time?   

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