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Starting a New Business and Getting a New Pet? You're in the right place!

 Hello everyone!  My new friend, Ryan, wrote a guest post for my blog!  Thank you, Ryan!

Start Off on the Right Paw: Launching a Business 

While Welcoming a New Pet

While starting a business and bringing home a new pet seem like different endeavors, they share similarities. Gabi the Dog Has a Blog shares these approaches for starting off both adventures on a solid footing for success.

Prepare Beforehand

For Your Pet: Learn as much as you can before the pet enters your home. Make sure you have access to any appropriate spaces your pet may need, such as wide-open parks and other areas for high-energy canines to play. According to the Animal Humane Society, you should ⦁ check your pet for cues that indicate how he or she is feeling after coming home. Slowly introduce new pets to any existing pets and young children. Acquire basic care equipment, such as feeding dishes, beds, leashes, and other necessary items. 

For Your Business: Creating a detailed business plan is one of the foundational tasks of starting a business (click ⦁ here to learn more about the process). Consider whether you might need a loan, permit, or application to do the type of business you have in mind. If working from home, also ensure your neighborhood is zoned for business. Research any equipment you might need as well as the type of business formation required for tax and liability purposes.

Establish a Set Routine

For Your Pet: Just like with kids, ⦁ establishing a routine is important for your pet because it helps build a sense of security and comfort. Select specific times to go for a walk, eat, play, and rest so your furry friend knows what to expect and gets used to the schedule as soon as possible.

For Your Business: With a brick-and-mortar operation, stick to your business hours and make sure your customers know you will be there at that time. If you are working from home, it is vital to ⦁ dedicate a workspace and ensure your family knows what times you will be working. This separates your living space from your work-from-home space and enables better productivity for you.

Enlist Help

For Your Pet: Caring for a pet is a lot of work, and you may not be an expert on ⦁ training animals. Particularly with dogs, take advantage of professional dog training to help teach your pet good behaviors. If your animal requires a lot of supervision that you can't provide while working, hire a pet sitter for specific times of the day so you can focus. 

For Your Business: When running your own business, don't be afraid to delegate minor tasks to outside help to free up your time for the more important operations. Freelancers are independent contractors who can assist with specialties like graphics and web design as well as office work and organization. 

Implement Tools, Gadgets, and Apps

For Your Pet: Gadgets and apps like smart feeders and pet cameras make it easier to monitor your pet when you're in the office or out of the house. There are also platforms that make it easier to find pet-friendly outdoor spaces in your area. Regularly check out the ⦁ latest pet products to see what might benefit you. 

For Your Business: Business apps, software, and other technology ⦁ make it easier to manage products, communicate with customers, and track accounts. The type of tech you need depends on your business, but implement these tools as early as possible to get a leg up on success.

There's no need to go it completely alone in business or with a new furry companion. Technology and resources exist to help startups and pet owners succeed. With an open-minded approach, you can find your groove in your professional life and at home with your fur baby. 

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Thanks again, Ryan, for writing for my blog!

By the way, I am 14 years old now!  I still love sitting out front on my lawn and eating treats!  

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